2023 – #52 Ancestors Challenge – Week 1 – I’d Like to Meet

This week’s theme is “I’d Like to Meet.” Most of us have an ancestor who we’d like to meet (even if it’s to ask, “What are your parent’s names?”) This week, write about that ancestor or why you’d want to meet him or her. Feel free to be creative!

Anna Miller, my paternal grandmother, died the week before I was born. If you believe in ghost stories, someone told me she came to the room where I was sleeping at 8918 Folsom Avenue. The room was freezing even though a fire was burning in the fireplace. [Remember “The Sixth Sense” ?] As a child, I felt that there was a presence. What would I ask her if I could?

(1) Where were you and your parents during the 1920 U.S. Census? In Ohio?Alabama? But my father was born in 1925 in Alabama.

(2) Did you ever divorce Willie Chappell? I don’t think so.

(3) Why did you move so many times? Money problems?

(4) Was your father, Robert Miller, really a minister? Probably, yes.

(5) What happened to Willie Chappell? He died young.

(6) What happen to Iola Green? Name change.

My guesses.

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