2024 – #52 Ancestors Challenge – Week 4 – Witness to History

The theme for Week 4 is “Witness to History.” What historical events did your ancestors witness or lived through?

I can think of two things. The first was on November 22, 1963, during the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in downtown Dallas, Texas. Everyone living in the US at that time remembers where they were. I was a senior at Rayen School in Youngstown, Ohio. They announced it over the loudspeaker. I think we did get out of school early. I remember Kennedy was a well-liked President. Since that time, I have been to Dallas at that very stop.

The next thing I think about is 9/11. I was at work in New Hope, PA. The television was on in the break room. We couldn’t get anything done that day. I couldn’t stay away from the television. I remember chaperoning a trip with my daughter to New York to visit one of the Towners in previous years. We also had a family member at the Pentagon when it was damaged. His story is his own, but he continues to be our blessing. While crossing our state of Pennsylvania, we have gone out of our way to visit the site of Flight 93.

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