2022 – #52 Ancestors Challenge – Week 19 – FOOD & DRINK

My grand uncle, Frank Miller, owned and operated the Chick-n-Roast Restaurant and Tavern at 126th and Kinsman Roads in Cleveland, Ohio, from abt. 1956 until 1976. It was a popular place in Cleveland where celebrities and civic leaders liked to hang out.
The U.S. City Directories (1822 – 1995), on Ancestry.com, has three other businesses located at 12610 Kinsman Road:

  1. Maurice Levy ran a dry goods store there in 1928.
  2. Amos D. Zarlenga had a real estate business there in 1923.
  3. Albert Pucclani ran a Cigar Manufacturers business in 1923. 

 The Negro Travelers’ Green Book for the Fall of 1956 and 1957 for Cleveland does not have the Restaurant listed, but I heard it was an excellent place to eat. 

Page from “The Negro Travelers’ Green Book Fall 1956 Cleveland – Schomburg Center – NYPL Catalog”

52 Ancestors Challenge for Week 19 – The theme is “Food and Drink.” Few things bring back memories like food does. This week, write about an event that prompted a special meal, an ancestor who was a really good (or really bad!) cook, or a food that always makes you think of someone in your family. (Or whatever else you want to write about)

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