2022 – 52 ANCESTORS CHALLENGE – WEEK 03 – Favorite Photo

My favorite photo is a picture of the Miller Family, taken about 1941 in Cleveland, Ohio. The lady in the white blouse is my paternal grandmother, Anna Miller (1908-1946). Unfortunately, I never met her because she died the week before I was born. The chart above lists the family members Aunt Iola (1906-1973), Cousin Harry Smart (1921-1993), Uncle John (1913-2001), Maisy Woods (1917-1993-wife of John), Robert Freeman (1907-1975-husband of Iola), Aunt Lillie (1901-1974), Aunt Mattie (1904-1973),  Uncle Frank (1910-2000), and Aunt Mary Jane (1910-1992). The handwriting on the chart is that of my father, James Chappelle. The siblings missing from the picture are George (1899-1984), Daisy (1900-1924), and Valure (1912-2001). George lived in Pennsylvania, Daisy had passed away, but I don’t know why Aunt Valure was not in the picture.

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