2022 – #52 Ancestors Challenge – Week 23 – Mistakes

This week’s theme is Mistakes. We all make them — and that includes us and our ancestors.

Sometimes mistakes are out of our control, and sometimes, mistakes are a blessing. Here are some of the things that happen to me:


The students lined up alphabetically during my high school graduation ceremony and stood in front of their preassigned chairs. Since my last name started with a “C,” I was assigned to the front row. So we marched in, and when it was time to be seated I guess I was too slow because I was left standing. Someone at the beginning of the alphabet took up two seats. How embarrassing is that?


The year I turned 70, I decided to run at least a 5k or higher race every month. Sometimes I would be scrambling to find a race to complete that month. I ran two 5k’s in West Chester, PA. I was way behind the crowd in one of them, and I got lost. So I had to go around a couple of the same blocks more than once. That wasn’t very comfortable. But, I did finish the race.


This would be mistake became a blessing. The June after I completed college, I attended a Research Institute at Florida AM University in Tallahassee. That is where I met my husband. I didn’t know him before, he lived 952 miles from me, and we married after four weeks. We admit it was a challenge, but we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary last year.

Cleveland to Tulsa

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