2022 – #52 Ancestors Challenge – Week 24 – Popular Name

I decided to use my 2021 Week 10’s theme “Name’s the Same” for the Week 24’s “Popular Name” theme. The name selected is “Robert Barbee,” my 2nd great-grandfather, who married Martha Ella Quinn, 1877 in Madison County, Alabama.

  1. Robert Barbee (1834-1928) had a son, Samuel, by his first wife, Amanda Lawyer (1852-1876), who he married in 1867 in Jackson County, Alabama.
    1. Samuel (1874-1952) had a son, Robert (1898-1977), by his first wife, Lula Yarbrough (1874-1952)
  2. Martha Ella Quinn (1854-1926) had a son Joe Wofford (1875-1963), by her second husband, Richard Wofford (?-?) marriage date unknown [She had two husbands before Robert].
    1. Joe Barbee, aka Joe Wofford, had a son, Robert A. (1904-), by his wife Lucy Turentine (1884-) [The Wofford sons used the Barbee surname].
  3. Robert Barbee (1834) had a son, Levi Robert (1877-1878), by Martha Ella Quinn.
  4. Robert (1834) had a daughter, Rosa (1881-1947), by Martha Ella.
    1. Rosa had a son, Robert Taylor (1901-1971), my grandfather.
      1. In 1910 Robert lived in the George Barbee, aka George Wofford household in Athens, Alabama.
      2.  Rosa Barbee married James Lanier (1877-1951) in 1901 in Morgan County, Alabama.
      3. Rosa Barbie married Jim Taylor (1882-Unk) in 1907 in Jefferson County, Alabama.
    2. DNA evidence concludes that Edmund Robinson (1873-1915) is the father of Robert Taylor.

My grandfather could have used the Barbee name since his mother did not marry Lanier until six months after birth. All of my grandfather’s documents use the Taylor surname. He also used the Lanier name as a middle name for himself and his children. I just recently discovered the Robinson family.

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