2022 – #52 Ancestors Challenge – Week 08 – Courting

I have picked Courting in the law in this blog, not in romance? Even if you prefer romance, this can lead to a court of law. I love these topics because they make me look at sources that I wouldn’t typically use.

In researching in court cases, I found an issue with the correct surname and jurisdiction. In this case, the Plaintiffs accused Defendant of racial discrimination against them and persons similar to them in their employment practices. I believe this person might be related to me. I can’t give the person’s name because they are still living. The person was not in my family tree, so I had to find someone from the previous generation to research. The first name in the results from my search had a match in my tree for this family. This person was married to my GG Grand Uncle. The couple had three children together. I didn’t have their names, so I needed an obituary. In the wife’s obituary, I found a list of the couple’s children’s names, and one matched the name in the court case. He and his brother are among my DNA matches.

My family has been on both sides of the law. On the positive side, I have several family members in law enforcement. They should show up in court documents and newspaper articles. For example, I found a close family member listed in a Court of Appeals case in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. They were testifying concerning the arrest of a drug suspect.

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