2022 – #52 Ancestors Challenge – Week 12 – Joined Together

Week 12 (Mar. 22-28): Joined Together Could it be a marriage? Could it be an organization? Could it be a carpenter/mason/builder? It can be whatever you make it out to be!

Growing up, I wanted to be a registered nurse like my mother. Unfortunately, it did not happen, but I am proud of her work in nursing. My mother, Mother LIVING, graduated from HIGH School in Ohio, in June 1943. Before going into Nursing, she worked at the Ravenna Arsenal in Ravenna, Ohio. Mother weighed bombs at the arsenal to save money for nursing school.
Her Cadet Nursing Corps Program admission was in 1944; then, her training started at City Hospital in Cleveland. She withdrew in 1946 and returned with the next class to complete her training. After her training, she first worked at XXX Hospital, where she was the first native-born African American to work as a registered nurse in that hospital. Next, she worked at City Hospital in Cleveland and later transferred to Mt. Sinai Hospital. She worked at Mt. Sinai until her retirement in the late 80’s. She started as a floater but later spent most of her years in the OB-Gyn clinic and, before retirement, the Outpatient Clinic. While at Mt. Sinai, she received recognition for creating a screening procedure for patients.
Outside of the hospital, she raised four children, including twins. She also was involved with the CCC Club. A club composed of registered nurses who awarded an annual scholarship to a deserving student who plans on entering the field of nursing. Besides the yearly Scholarship, the club sponsored several civic projects, including boys and girls to attend Phyllis Wheatley Camp Mueller, the Cleveland Society for Retarded Children, and the Cleveland NOW Program. She also served in various leadership positions, including the president, vice-president, and recording secretary.

MOTHER at Nursing School

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  1. Wow! Your mother sounds like an amazing woman. Did she ever sleep? Just joking. I am always in awe of people who achieve so much in their lifetime, particularly in the service of others. PS I love the title of your blog.

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