2022 – #52 Ancestors Challenge – Week 26 – Identity

The theme for Week 26 (June 28-July 4) is “Identity.” In genealogy, we seek out the identities of our ancestors. But they were more than just names.

I believe we develop our values, beliefs, and our personality in childhood. My values come from my upbringing with my maternal grandparents. They were the ones that raised me from a baby until I turned 18.

My grandmother had empathy for others. She would feed the homeless who used to ride the rails at the end of our street.

Former Pennsylvania Railroad Station, 555 West Federal Street, Youngstown, Ohio [at the end of our street]

She attended Centenary United Methodist Church in Youngstown, Ohio.

She had beautiful handwriting. When she was young, she won a writing contest.

My grandparents’ signatures from their marriage license in 1920

She attended Trinity School in Athens, Alabama, established in 1865 for the education of Freedmen. The school closed in 1970.

My grandmother in 1911 in a picture at Trinity School

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